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GMAT Overview/Prep Course

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So you swore you'd never take another test

But you’re here. And let’s face it, you’re constantly tested. Taking the GMAT is the first step to applying to the Missouri State University MBA program. Take advantage of our GMAT Prep Course—just another way we help prepare you for your future.

Taking the GMAT

  • Schedule the GMAT 6 months before your first semester
  • Use Missouri State University's institution code: 9KQ-9D-60
  • Access your official online GMAT score report online 20 days after you take your test
  • Make sure your GMAT scores are sent to the Graduate College, 901 S. National Ave., Springfield, MO 65897

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Qualifying GMAT scores

  • A composite score of at least 400 is required for acceptance into the Missouri State MBA program
    • With the approval of the director of the MBA program, recent scores from other national standardized tests for graduate study such as the Graduate Records Examination (GRE) may be deemed equivalent. In these instances, equivalent test scores can be used to meet minimum GMAT score requirements (above) and can be used in formula calculations for admission purposes. The GRE to GMAT Conversion Chart helps you to estimate your score.
      • A minimum value of 1,000 based on the following formula: (200 X GPA in last 60 hours) + GMAT score.
      • A minimum score in the 20th percentile for both the verbal and the written components of the GMAT.

Take the GMAT on us

We offer 10 waiver codes for the GMAT each year (a $250 value per code) on a competitive basis.  Download the application form now and submit it via email to us or bring it to our office to be apply for the waiver.

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