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Admission Requirements

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  • Core requirements

  • Foundation courses

  • Conditional admission

  • GMAT waiver

    1. A bachelor's or master's degree from a regionally accredited college or university with a GPA of at least 2.75 for the last 60 hours of work.
    2. A Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) composite score of at least 400. With the approval of the director of the MBA program, recent scores from other national standardized tests for graduate study such as the Graduate Records Examination (GRE) may be deemed equivalent. In these instances, equivalent test scores can be used to meet minimum GMAT score requirements (above) and can be used in formula calculations for admission purposes. A GMAT to GRE Conversion Chart is available.
    3. A minimum value of 1,000 based on the following formula: (200 X GPA in last 60 hours) + GMAT score.
    4. A minimum score in the 20th percentile for both the verbal and the written components of the GMAT.
  • We require 24 hours of foundation courses that most undergraduate business majors will have completed. These courses prepare students for the MBA curriculum. The MBA director will evaluate your transcripts to determine what courses may be waived; you may email or fax an unofficial copy of your transcript and your résumé / CV for our evaluation.  See more about our evaluation process here.

    Course codeFoundation Courses (3 hours credit)
    ACC 600 Accounting Concepts for Managers
    CIS 600 Information Systems in Business Organizations
    ECO 600 Fundamentals of Economics
    FIN 600 Managerial Finance
    MGT 600 Administrative, Organizational, & Operations Concepts for Managers
    MKT 600 Marketing Concepts for Managers
    QBA 600 Statistical Methods in Business Research
    LAW 600 Legal Environment for Business Managers

    Complete your foundation courses online! Seven of the eight foundation courses are available once each year online. These courses can be completed entirely off-campus. Contact us for more details.


  • Students who do not meet the normal admission requirements but who possess high promise (usually based upon a successful record of managerial performance at increasing levels of responsibility) may be considered for admission.

    • Applicants meeting all of the core requirements with the exception of a GMAT written and verbal score in the 20th percentile can be admitted conditionally to the MBA program pending completion of the Speak Test, an essay test (graded on the CUNY Scale) and a grammar test. These tests will be administered to conditionally admitted students during the MBA orientation program prior to the beginning of each semester.
    • Conditionally admitted students attaining the scores indicated below will be fully admitted to the MBA program: Speak Test = 40 or greater; essay test = 4.0 or greater on the CUNY Scale; and grammar test = 70% or greater correct.
    • Conditionally admitted students attaining the scores indicated above on one or two of the tests may be given permission to enroll in a limited number of MBA classes pending approval by the MBA program director of a plan to correct any communication deficiency. When it has been demonstrated that all deficiencies have been removed, full admission to the MBA program will be granted.
  • Given the following conditions, a candidate for the MBA program may waive the GMAT as an admission requirement if the candidate satisfies all of the following conditions:

    1. Earned a 3.50 combined GPA.
    2. Admitted to or have graduated with a Missouri State COBA business unit major (ACC, CIS, FGB, MGT, or MKT).  Graduates from one of these programs must apply for the MBA program within 5 (five) years of graduation from the undergraduate program.
    3. Completed 80 hours at the time of application.
    4. English proficiency: The candidate must demonstrate proficiency in English by one of the following methods:
      1. Graduation from a U.S. high school or completion of a GED.
      2. Official documentation from a secondary or post-secondary institution that the candidate’s curriculum was taught in English.
      3. Minimum Internet-based TOEFL of 79 or 6.0 banded IELTS score.

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