MBA Association

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The MBA Association is for all Missouri State MBA students. The MBAA provides students and alumni with networking opportunities, professional development, and an MBA community.


  • Case Competitions

    Missouri State MBA students compete against MBA students from other institutions in analyzing a business case and presenting the team's recommendations to a panel of judges. Each case competition is structured differently, but the intent is for students to use the skills they have learned during their program and present their findings to a panel of business executives. (Pictured: Fall 2022 case competition team - first place)

  • MBA Career Workshop

    COB graduate students have the opportunity to gain valuable career insights from a guest speaker or panel. This workshop also offers other benefits such as fulfilling the workshop requirement for the COB Career Fair, and admitted MBA students who attend may submit their resumes to be included in the MBA Resume Book.

  • MBA Resume Book

    MBA Resume Book - admitted MBA students can submit their resume to be included in the MBA Resume Book, which is distributed to all employers attending the COB Career Fair. This is an incredible opportunity for MBA students to distinguish themselves at the COB Career Fair and place their resumes directly in the hands of top job recruiters located all over the U.S.